DUNLOP is accompanying us on this adventure this year. Contact us if you want to take advantage of the special discount for participants in the puntApuna 10th Anniversary.

Find out more about the range of tyres for your motorbike.

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Touratech offers a 10% discount on any product purchased by those registered for the puntApuna 10th Anniversary 2023. To benefit from the discount, send contacts to with proof of your registration. You can consult our catalogue in "find out more"

Offer valid until 09/05/2023.

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Barge & Boats Services S.L. helps us this year with the management of shipments to the various seaports where the BMW Motorrad Spain family will be stopping on our various adventures. If you need more information or help in port management you can contact us through our social media profiles and just like you, as motorbike lovers we will know how to adapt to your needs.

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