What is a day like in puntApunta 2023?

In the morning, after your arrival at the parc fermé at the time assigned according to your number, you must have your passport stamped and then go to the starting arch. It is important to abide by the starting times to avoid crowds at the arch and too many bikes on the route. Starting times will be allocated at the time of registration and cannot be changed.

During the tour, you will come across checkpoints where you must stop for the corresponding stamp before continuing your route. You can have lunch with the other participants at the checkpoints reached around noon.

On arrival, once you have parked correctly in the parc fermé, you must go to the Staff tent for the end of stage stamp. Once you have done this, you can enjoy a well-deserved rest in the catering area and then head for your overnight locations to charge your batteries and start the next stage fully refreshed.

Every afternoon, once passport control has closed, the compulsory briefing will be held in the parc fermé with the details of the next stage. As a novelty this year, you will be able to attend in person or watch the video that you will find here.

to bear in mind


Remember that this is an adventure trip and a motorcycle suit is a must. However, leisure wear is equally as important as the rider’s equipment.  You should also bring a fleece or sweatshirt for the cold, as the temperature drops at night.


The weather can be extremely changeable in the middle of spring. We therefore recommend checking all items in your luggage so that you can enjoy your adventure in comfort.


These must be in good condition. Motorcycles that do NOT have tyres in optimal condition will NOT be able to take part.

in the event of an incident

Mechanical incidents

Mechanical incidents

Participants must solve these using their own resources and, where this is not possible, must make arrangements with their insurer. An emergency mechanical service is available in the parc fermé on arrival.

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Medical incidents

Medical incidents

Secure the area to avoid further accidents and call 112. Then inform the organisation by sending an e-mail to the staff or by calling the emergency number (not WhatsApp or similar). Your bike must then be recovered through your insurance company, contacting them for assistance.

An emergency healthcare service is available in the parc fermé on arrival.

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Find out more

If you have any questions that we have not answered on the website, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you. 

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